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Knowledge for our questions, fun for everyone!

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Juan M. Casillas
How can I describe myself without be subjetive?

First of all, here is my CV brochure, in pdf format. Believe it or not, but I'm not a designer.

Well, as you can see in this page, I'm not a writer; I'm a CS engineer so write my history is a complex task, at least for me. I born in Madrid, Spain, in the year 1976. I like CS (yes, CS is Computer Science, at least for me) since I saw one of these little black boxes? Later, after to much BASIC and Tape Loading Errors I studied my two degrees in CS. My Degree projects were: the implementation of a device driver for the 3COM 3c509 board in VSTa (Technical Degree) and the implementation of the service discovery protocols SSDP and PDP inside Network Simulator and the design of a metric system for them.

I think that CS is a matter of engineering, rather than art; but art usually helps in CS (as you probably know). I build this web site in order to get all my projects online (yes, I do some 'amateur' programming, as some guys says in the interviews) and publish my own articles, thoughts and more.

After reading a while this site, you probably find lot of grammatical bugs. Yes, my english sucks. So... why I write all this stuff in english? Its easy; If I write in english, I forced myself to learn how to write propertly, that is good. Also, if you do some programming, or if you read something about CS, it's probably written in english, so to honor the tradition, I have to write this site in english, too.

Currently, I'm working for the Spanish's Institute of Meteorology via FutureSpace. My main taks at INM's are doing system administration, give some technnical consultancy and deploy an administration and operation framework.

I have worked for the following companies: BSCH, Sun Microsystems, and In all of them, I have developed system administration tasks. In my spare time, I give some free consultancy to for its main clients: LibertadDigital and la Linterna.

My future plans usually vary; but I'm very interested on get a Ph degree, but here in Spain is very difficult: the Ph degree isn't very useful when looking for jobs, and the University doesn't help so much (there are little (no) monetary helps, and is nearly impossible to work and do the Ph at same time).

Also, I'm very interested on study the current 'administration' protocols (e.g SNMP) and their limitations. I plan to create a new framework to manage systems in a distributed, extensible way. I haven't so much time, but for now, I think I will use python as scripting language, maybe XML-RPC as communication framework, and OO design for the design of the model and components.

Birth Date

Place of birth
Madrid, Spain


Technical Degree in CS
Degree in CS
Both from Carlos III Univ.

CS skills
OOP,Design Patterns, UML
HP-UX, Solaris, Irix
Linux, *BSD

Work Experience
HP-UX System Administrator
Strategic Support Engineer
IT Management / Operations
E-mail manager
Storage consultant